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Corporate Smokers

/ˈkôrp(ə)rət/ /ˈsmōkərs/


  1. A community of cannabis lovers that lead professional lifestyles
  2. Anyone who supports the movement

Do you want to enjoy your high without “looking” high? Let us help! We created Puffessional Wipes to remove the smell and residue from your hands and easily clean tar/resin buildup from your smoke accessories.

Upgrade your smoke kit with Corporate Smokers vegan rolling papers, glass rolling trays, grinder cards, and more. Whether you work in a corporate environment, are a parent, or just don’t want people in your business- our products were created with you in mind!

We are certified in Budtenting + The Business of Cannabis from Oaksterdam University. As advocates, it’s important to foster a community of acceptance. We do this by sharing consistent, engaging, and educational posts on social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to join the conversation. @CorporateSmokers


We value your feedback and look forward to connecting with you. Follow us on all social platforms! 

Let us know how we’re doing! We love feedback, testimonials, and product recommendations. Tell us what’s on your mind. 

If you or a friend, or family member have suffered from red eyes, dry mouth, or dehydrated lips, then you may be entitled to help fix it! Choose your cause and donate below! We will produce the product that is funded first. 

Low, Red Eyes

Are you tired of seeing low, red eyes?


Dry Mouth

Do you know someone who complains about dry mouth?


Dry Lips

Are dry lips driving you crazy?


Corporate Smokers in the Community

We are passionate about our community and look are committed to giving back as we grow. We support financially, with our time, and with our platform. You can support our efforts by donating below:

Corporate Smokers

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